About the Documentary

Through a Parent’s Tears: Family Stories of Healing 

A film project that touches on the lives of parents who share a common bond – the loss of a child to suicide, the documentary tells the stories of eight families and a medium. Reaching beyond traditional grief counseling and psychiatric care, the stories tell how each family sought help from Melinda Vail, a nationally recognized intuitive therapist and evidential medium. 


Because of her proven and unique ability to communicate with those who have passed, Melinda brought comfort and love to the healing process. By sharing their messages, she helped the parents connect with the children they lost.

The stories expose raw, heart-wrenching memories amid tears and laughter. But most significantly, we watch as parents catch glimpses of the hopeful transformations their children are experiencing on the other side. Along the way we learn about issues surrounding suicide awareness and prevention, treatment choices, and dealing with loss.

Healing from Loss

This important film demonstrates the role an evidential medium plays in promoting healing from loss. Families, counselors, therapists and other providers who watch the film will better understand the work of an intuitive therapist.

Find out how these extraordinary life experiences help those who have lost loved ones recover and begin to accept their new normal.

Run time: 90 minutes.

To learn more about Melinda Vail, the Medium Who Makes a Difference, please visit www.melindavail.com

Our Board of Directors

Melinda Vail

Melinda Vail is an author, speaker, hypnotherapist specializing in childhood trauma, and a Medium. Known as "The Medium Who Makes a Difference", Melinda has made it her life's work to teach spirituality for everyday living. Although her roots are firmly planted in her Christian background, as a Medium, Melinda gives evidence of life after life.

With a son who suffers with severe clinical depression, Melinda has first-hand knowledge of the fear and hopelessness this disease can bring. Melinda has dedicated herself to bringing hope and comfort to those who have lost loved ones to suicide.

William Larew is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and business owner. Having a successful law trustee business in South Texas, and as a former two-term Mayor of a small town in Texas, as well as other leadership roles, Bill brings his expertise in bringing TAPT into a viable non-profit organization.

Being a survivor of suicide himself through his mother's death at age five, Bill is devoted to creating tools and education for suicide and its aftermath.

Former Board Members:

Eric Faas

img Eric Faas is a Tempe, Arizona native. He is a graduate of Arizona State University and completed law school at Willamette University College of Law in Salem, Oregon.

Eric served on the board of Through A Parent’s Tears as Vice-President from 2019-2020.

He has remarried and lives with his two surviving sons in Tempe.

Eric is a practicing attorney employed as General Counsel at

RMC Realty Advisors, LLC in Phoenix.